...especially women entrepreneurs, to share experience and to learn useful lessons from people from other APEC members.

Trie't said women in Viet Nam played a very important role in all aspects of life.

"During the wars for national liberation, women actively participated in many areas, proving that they are as strong as men," said Triet.

"In times of peace and development, women are in leading positions in the field of economics, culture, science and technology."

The President urged the Viet Nam Women's Union to increase study of new and innovative ways and policies to promote the participation of women in all economic and social activities. The President said the State may learn from these policies to create favourable conditions for women to fully develop their potentials.

Triet said 27 per cent of National Assembly delegates were now women, a percentage that was still too low. Trie't called on legislators to work on ways of increasing this ratio.

The heads of delegations, including representatives from Australia, South Korea, the United States and Russia, said they will continue to cooperate with Vietnamese women leaders.

Delegates said they appreciated Viet Nam's hosting of APEC and acknowledged the active-ness of Vietnamese women in the past and during the current phase of building a more prosperous society.

The President said he would inform APEC leaders at November's summit of initiatives and proposals discussed at Tuesday's meeting.

President Trie't thanked the delegations for wishing him a successful chairmanship of the APEC summit meeting in Ha Noi in November. He said Viet Nam will do everything to ensure a successful APEC summit and ensure participants leave with a good impression of the country. — VNS